The Interview(with myself).

What will happen when I interview myself?? Let’s have a look.


ME: (drinks the coffee in one gulp in front of me, even before the interview started)

INTERVIEWER: sir, can we begin?

ME: why not?(adjusts the tie even though it’s already perfect, like you know,”formalities”)

INTERVIEWER: so sir, what is your name?

ME: and I thought I was famous(­čśč)

INTERVIEWER: no sir, it’s not like that, just for the people who don’t know you.

ME: Filhaz. Mohammed Filhaz.

INTERVIEWER: sir, why is your name so weird…..I mean, “special”?

ME:I guess because it is rare….or, “beautiful” or,……. completely out of the world? I don’t know.

INTERVIEWER: anyways sir, what’s your age?

ME:fifteen. Pif-theen.

INTERVIEWER: sir,can you speak about your family?

ME: I have two brothers. Use your logical knowledge to find out who else are there In my family.

INTERVIEWER: in one word, how will you describe yourself?

ME: Human.

INTERVIEWER: Oh I see. That is so pathetic.

INTERVIEWER:sir, where you ever in a relationship?

ME:(bursts out laughing)

INTERVIEWER: sir, what’s funny?

ME: sorry man, I thought that was a joke.

INTERVIEWER:so, what is your ambition?

ME: I want to do biochemical engineering

INTERVIEWER: Sir, can you spell it?

ME: no thanks I’ll just be a pilot.

INTERVIEWER: sir, do you have any passion?

ME: designing would do. I’m so proud of my designing that only 56 of my designs got rejected at the famous

INTERVIEWER: sir, how many did you submit?

ME: oh, i submitted 57


INTERVIEWER: sir do you have any hidden talent? Do you know  singing?

ME: I don’t know for sure whether I KNOW singing or not but all I know for sure is that 3 years ago when I sang a song, I spoiled my cousins wedding, the people started crying and the windows broke. Anyways, hear my song….

INTERVIEWER: sir,no sir please we want to live.

INTERVIEWER: sir what moment do you consider as the turning  point in your life?

ME: oh! I just turned around to drink water not a couple hours ago, and there are many other points like this in my life

INTERVIEWER: Da chaliya…..

INTERVIEWER: anyways sir, thank you for your kind little moments towards us and I’ll hope that I’ll never see you again.

ME: bye.








Welcome To Me

Hello there. To the people who don’t know me from wixsite, I’m Mohammed Filhaz zubair. Currently I am 14 years and 11 months old (as of april 2017), and I’m a student (OBVIOUSLY) of 10th grade–which is considered as the ‘future decider’ of the students and I’m busy writing stuff that no one reads. It might not be necessary for you to know but I study at mes, Qatar. CBSE based, with loads of amazing friends and stressful exams. Birthday’s on may 23 2002, which is the same date as of Gavin Free (I googled it a minute ago(because I’m jobless)). My skin color aint permanent and it changes occasionally (IM A CHAMELEON BWAHAHAHAH). It’s all because I have got atopic dermatitis. Calm down. It’s just a kind of a Latino word for dry skin (but it’s a lot worse than that though). My hair’s way too Afro for a Mallu. I’m also a pognophile (which is some random word I found in the dictionary a few days ago which means an admirer of beards). I don’t think so I would grow it anytime soon but when I do,it grows patchy. I have two brothers, both younger than me. The second one, who is apparently a 4-year old cries for 8 days a week. The first one is awesome, just like anyone’s. call them Fenzah and TuTu (aka Abdussamad)


I guess that’s enough information for the newbies.

now, turning to my old fans (fans here refer to I, me and myself). I quit wixsite because….because,BE-cozz, I don’t know. I guess it’s just because the logo of WordPress is a lot cooler than the one on wixsite. Moreover, they don’t have all those bulky ‘click here to make a FREE website’ banners here and there.

that’s the end and whatever you do don’t forget to tell your friends about my blog site.



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