The Exquisite World Of Words.

I have this big bookshelf in my crib back in Doha, which literally contains all varieties of books ranging from messy comics to professional (and confusing) business books. My collection started when I was in like 1st grade or something, when my father first bought me 3 (maybe 4) large and heavy books, the ‘big book of knowledge’ kind of ones. One of them identified itself as the precise atlas of the world, but to me it was the heaviest and the bulkiest book I’ve taken in my whole life to date. It’s weight alone rounded to around three kilograms, and we left it back in India while we immigrated back to Qatar the same year. 

(Never knew this book was in existence today, but it surprisingly is.)

Back then I had absolutely no idea on how books are supposed to work and all I could do was stare at the pictures it had in it. Just looking at the pictures gave me immense pleasure and I would do it straight for hours, just like how a baby loves to cry (lmao). My father was absolutely impressed at the sight of me “reading” those books, and just to kill the boredom around the house, he was like,”can I ask you a question from the book?”. I was totally frightened and started panicking. If my parents ever wanted to question me about anything, the day would end in torture for sure. I still have a solid memory that same year when my mom almost killed me for not solving a riddle from kalikkudukka ( a Malayalam kids monthly, which legends used to read). I still remember the background sound of my brother laughing. I cried for the rest of the day and swore never to touch kalikkudukka again.

Kalikkudukka-the Malayalam kids monthly which “shaped” my future 

Anyways, I told my father I did not start reading it yet, and am having a “warm up” exercise by starting to look at the pictures before I start reading it page by page (which I knew I won’t). My father ignored my statement and told me to start reading the book that moment itself. Back then, studying, learning and reading had the exact same meaning for me- byheart. I still remember me trying to by heart the first few lines of the first few pages, and my father was like,”you have been on that page for the past 10000000 hours. Are you even doing anything?” I explained to him what exactly I was doing, and he thought me what real reading was.  To  make a long story short, I quit reading whether it is about by hearting or not.

 my attraction towards books started declining slowly, but in never reached the point of zero. I have this special attraction towards book covers and whenever I see a book with awesome covers, I would fall instantly in love with it (like any other kid down the block). The next time my father bought me books was when I was in third grade, in a bookstore in the metropolitan city of Cochin. I brought loads of books from there, all judged by its covers. The only book I chose by my true will was the diary of the wimpy kid. Whenever anyone brought that book to class, everyone would scream and fight over it. I never did, and when I saw this book at the store, I thought I would give it a try. 
I read that book after consuming a time like 2 solid weeks (which was a pretty good time for a total beginner) and boy it was awesome. They also got this long check list at the end of the book stating things that you should do before you die. It had things like use a porta potty, ride a coaster etc. I checked everything on the list except one- read an entire book without any pictures in it. I knew it was an absolutely impossible task for a jerk like me to do. I left it unchecked as it is.
The holy book of the third graders

This was the only series of books I’ve read completely up to grade 6. After that I felt that this book is becoming a bit too childish for me. However I could not resist reading it up to grade 8. This is the book that inspired me to start writing stuff. I also maintained a neat diary like how ‘greg’ did, like drawing a picture for every paragraph. I would show it some of my friends, and some of them would flash it out to the public. I had a strong personal connection with the book, mainly due to two reasons: one, it made people laugh with the satirical comments in it and two, it was with me for 5 whole years. I officially quit that hobby at grade 9 after I had entered into blogging. 

As going with the saying the entrepreneur shall always face rivalry (which is a fake saying invented by me two seconds ago), wimpy kid had to face this book called the dork diaries. It was exactly in the same format as the diary of the wimpy kid , except with the fact that the main character is a girl. I started reading it at grade 7 but I left it at grade 9 after I noticed that I’ve been using the words ‘oh my gosh’ and ‘awesome’ in the same Sentence. Honestly that book might be too relatable to your life and might hit your biggest insecurities. I must be the only boy in this whole wide world who have finished reading all the books in the dork diaries series.


In Qatar we have the international book festival which happens annually, usually December. My family never fails to visit it (or at least me and my father) and will make a huge purchase from there. I pick up books with great enthusiasm and my father pays with (over)enthusiasm, because he never knew that I’m not reading those books. I don’t know why I am doing this, but I loved doing it–buy books–fill the bookshelf–never touch it again for the rest of your life. 

Not only me- nobody can resist books if kept like this.(I also have a picture of me holding the books in here-will upload later if possible)

My father upgraded the tiny bookshelf in our crib to a large three rowed one, and it got filled up really quick. Cousins visiting my house would be all like ‘damn this kid must be smart as heck’ while in reality only I knew how dumb I was. 

Another occasion where I can get books is the annual visit to India. I didn’t mind how busy my father was in his rush to build our house, I wouldn’t let him leave the country back to Qatar without ensuring he have bought at least a dozen books for me. 

Also I remember a few months ago my cousin Najiz’s family brought me home a whole truck load of books for me and the other cousins and I made sure that I took the most of books (it was a real fun day for me and it ended with a cold in my body after all those dust in those books but it was totally worth it) some of the books dated back to the 80’s(literally!!) and I store it like diamonds in a jewelry box. 

After a long day of studying, I was just poking stuff in the home when I approached my bookshelves. I thought I might just have a look at those books up there. Books brought 6 years ago still had the new book smell. I took a moment to count all the unread books up there.


543 unread books.

543 damned unread books.

Man the guilt I had that day was the worst I had in my whole life. I went back to bed, and exactly next week in madrasa, I saw my friend Raihan with a book. Chetan bhagat’s three mistakes of my life. Like taking a deep breath and diving, I opened its first pages and started reading it. I was totally immersed in it. That book must have been an inappropriate book for people of my age but I did not mind it, since it is the first time ever a book is keeping me involved for such a long period of time. I finished the book within two days and went back to the bookshelf again. God, I was going to dive into the worlds most irresistible pool of words for the first time in my life. 

I noticed that I have an incredible reading speed, like 20-25 seconds per page, maybe lower. Within months I have read all possible genres of books like romance, classics , fiction , non-fiction, autobiographies etc.I couldn’t believe I have been ignoring this pool of worlds for the past half decade.

This year I’ve bought books written by chetan Bhagat (his books, even though inappropriate, are irresistible) , rick riordan, binyamin, arundhati roy etc. 

Anyways, I walk myself to the bookshelf again, took out the the wimpy kid book and I checked the box which I never thought would get checked in my life ever.


The Interview(with myself).

What will happen when I interview myself?? Let’s have a look.


ME: (drinks the coffee in one gulp in front of me, even before the interview started)

INTERVIEWER: sir, can we begin?

ME: why not?(adjusts the tie even though it’s already perfect, like you know,”formalities”)

INTERVIEWER: so sir, what is your name?

ME: and I thought I was famous(­čśč)

INTERVIEWER: no sir, it’s not like that, just for the people who don’t know you.

ME: Filhaz. Mohammed Filhaz.

INTERVIEWER: sir, why is your name so weird…..I mean, “special”?

ME:I guess because it is rare….or, “beautiful” or,……. completely out of the world? I don’t know.

INTERVIEWER: anyways sir, what’s your age?

ME:fifteen. Pif-theen.

INTERVIEWER: sir,can you speak about your family?

ME: I have two brothers. Use your logical knowledge to find out who else are there In my family.

INTERVIEWER: in one word, how will you describe yourself?

ME: Human.

INTERVIEWER: Oh I see. That is so pathetic.


INTERVIEWER:so, what is your ambition?

ME: I want to do biochemical engineering

INTERVIEWER: Sir, can you spell it?

ME: no thanks I’ll just be a pilot.

INTERVIEWER: sir, do you have any passion?

ME: designing would do. I’m so proud of my designing that only 56 of my designs got rejected at the famous

INTERVIEWER: sir, how many did you submit?

ME: oh, i submitted 57


INTERVIEWER: sir do you have any hidden talent? Do you know  singing?

ME: I don’t know for sure whether I KNOW singing or not but all I know for sure is that 3 years ago when I sang a song, I spoiled my cousins wedding, the people started crying and the windows broke. Anyways, hear my song….

INTERVIEWER: sir,no sir please we want to live.

INTERVIEWER: sir what moment do you consider as the turning  point in your life?

ME: oh! I just turned around to drink water not a couple hours ago, and there are many other points like this in my life

INTERVIEWER: Da chaliya…..

INTERVIEWER: anyways sir, thank you for your kind little moments towards us and I’ll hope that I’ll never see you again.

ME: bye.








Welcome To Me

Hello there. To the people who don’t know me from wixsite, I’m Mohammed Filhaz zubair. Currently I am 14 years and 11 months old (as of april 2017), and I’m a student (OBVIOUSLY) of 10th grade–which is considered as the ‘future decider’ of the students and I’m busy writing stuff that no one reads. It might not be necessary for you to know but I study at mes, Qatar. CBSE based, with loads of amazing friends and stressful exams. Birthday’s on may 23 2002, which is the same date as of Gavin Free (I googled it a minute ago(because I’m jobless)). My skin color aint permanent and it changes occasionally (IM A CHAMELEON BWAHAHAHAH). It’s all because I have got atopic dermatitis. Calm down. It’s just a kind of a Latino word for dry skin (but it’s a lot worse than that though). My hair’s way too Afro for a Mallu. I’m also a pognophile (which is some random word I found in the dictionary a few days ago which means an admirer of beards). I don’t think so I would grow it anytime soon but when I do,it grows patchy. I have two brothers, both younger than me. The second one, who is apparently a 4-year old cries for 8 days a week. The first one is awesome, just like anyone’s. call them Fenzah and TuTu (aka Abdussamad)


I guess that’s enough information for the newbies.

now, turning to my old fans (fans here refer to I, me and myself). I quit wixsite because….because,BE-cozz, I don’t know. I guess it’s just because the logo of WordPress is a lot cooler than the one on wixsite. Moreover, they don’t have all those bulky ‘click here to make a FREE website’ banners here and there.

that’s the end and whatever you do don’t forget to tell your friends about my blog site.



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